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Every business requires a secure and safe credit card payment gateway Sri Lanka for receiving payments from clients. On the other hand, customers also expect you to make things easier for them from your side. For example, customers prefer the pay online facility today. PayGate is the best solution that fulfills both these requirements for business owners.

Managing hundreds of transactions by manual methods makes things complicated and leads to errors. Companies and organizations deal with hundreds of customers and send/receive many hundreds of payments every month. Such business owners undoubtedly require digital solutions that improve payment sending and receiving for error-free and better outcomes.

PayGate streamlines the whole payment process for you, giving you 100% peace of mind about enhanced customer experience and payment efficiency and accuracy. Facebook payment integration, mobile compatibility, e-bill, fully-secure, and payment dashboard are the exclusive features of PayGate, making it the ultimate payment gateway in Sri Lanka for sending/receiving payments. Our invention is a time-saving and money-saving solution for business owners.

PayGate supports every payment gateways: Paypal, PayHere, 2checkout, Webxpay, and local/international bank payment gateway. Sending invoices and receiving payments is now as easy as A, B, C with our world-class software solution, PayGate.

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