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The 21st century is the digital era, making all organizations and business owners search for digital and advanced technologies, such as pay online, that enhance the customer experience. Customers expect you to focus on customer experience more than ever now. Digital technology is one resource to use for enhancing customer experience and being more efficient and saving money from your side.

No matter your business type; a travel agency, or a ticketing office, Online Transaction is a must-implement technology today. A reliable credit card payment gateway Sri Lanka solution becomes your savior here. Online payment methods are more secure, efficient, convenient, and up-to-date. PayGate is the most advanced payment gate in Sri Lanka currently. You highly benefit from implementing this technology into your business and be a market leader through enhancing the customer experience.

You can connect with any payment gateway through PayGate: Paypal, PayHere, 2checkout, Webxpay, and local/international bank payment gateway. It only takes a few hours to integrate your payment gateway; it is easy. Send the invoice to your customer and receive the payment; it is that simple. You can also track the payment through notifications.

The dashboard shows all the necessary data by only a fingertip touch. Payment reminders, payment schedules for each payment sender, high-secure stock lawyer, and cloud server environments are the advanced features of the dashboard.

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