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PayGate refines your business's all transactions by the touch of a finger.

Send & Receive Payments Quicker Than Ever
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PayGate is the next-gen payment gateway Sri Lanka that makes receiving payments hassle-free and 100% secure. It is more reliable, mobile-friendly, and remarkably fast. PayGate process is as simple as A, B, C. It is exclusively convenient for you and your customers, making you more efficient in terms of enabling customers to pay online for your service/products more conveniently.

Send Invoice

This is the fastest way to send the invoice to your clients for the products/services they purchase from you. PayGate supports all major credit cards (IPG.)

Shop Effectively

PayGate is a fully Facebook-friendly shopping integration tool, letting you shop with 100% peace of mind. The product/service provider sends you an e-bill through this advanced credit card payment gateway Sri Lanka/technology, and you pay online within only a few seconds. Much safer payment method for all shopping fanatics.

Pay Your Way

No matter the size of your company, you can pay all your payments hassle-free with PayGate. You can also control payment notifications through your customizable dashboard.

  • Secure

    PayGate is a secure payment method for both product/service providers and customers.

  • E-Bill

    You can send an e-bill to your client through PayGate, and clients only have to accept the e-bill and make the payment from their side. You get instant notifications once the client has made the payment.

  • Fully Customizable

    You can customize the payment page according to your preferences.

  • Facebook Payment Integration

    Facebook is a world-leading online products/services purchasing platform; PayGate is a fully Facebook-friendly shopping integration tool.

  • Mobile Compatible

    About 75% of online transactions take place on mobile devices in today's world. The mobile-compatible PayGate fits the bill.

  • More & Immediate Access

    PayGate is not only secure, fast, and convenient; it also supports an array of payment methods.

  • Payment Dashboard

    The customizable payment dashboard lets you control all payment notifications, making PayGate the most exceptional payment gateway available in Sri Lanka.

  • Technical Support

    Comprehensive technical support is provided for PayGate customers.

How PayGate Works

The entire payment process happens with the touch of a finger. You create an e-bill for the products/services provided to your customers using the Merchant Access Portal (MAP.) Sending the e-bill to your customers is the next step; it all happens on mobile devices. The customer receives the e-bill within only a few seconds. PayGate is the most favorable credit card payment gateway in Sri Lanka for your customers. Upon receiving the e-bill, customers can select to pay. Settling the payment through this digital, pay online process is more secure and efficient. You receive the notifications of the customers' payments promptly. The entire process happens within seconds, making it one of the fastest ways of receiving payments from customers. You can also handle all e-bill inquiries using the Merchant Access Portal (MAP.

Payment Gateway in Sri Lanka

PayGate supports all major payment gateway systems in Sri Lanka, including Dialog, PayGen, PayHere, Commercial, WebXPay, and so on. And this exceptional compatibility makes PayGate a one-stop solution for clients in search of a reliable and effective payment gateway solution locally and internationally.

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